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How to enable ads on youtube videos

Once you've been accepted to the Partner Program, you will be able to enable advertising on videos that meet our eligibility criteria. You can choose to have InVideo overlay ads, InStream video ads, and AdSense overlay ads (for embedded videos).

Enabling/Disabling your content for ads upon video upload


When you upload videos to YouTube, you should select the following options to enable ads on your videos:
    image appears here
Ensure the following two options are checked:
  1. Claim this video (your video will also need to be "Monetized"
  2. Allow in-stream advertising for this video (this will also enable pre-rolls)

Enabling/Disabling your content for ads on existing videos

If you wish to enable or disable ads on existing videos, log into your partner account, select a video, and then choose “Edit Video”. At the bottom of the screen, in the "Advertising Options" section, you will see an option that looks like this:
    image appears here
Make sure to select the correct boxes to enable the types of ads you wish to show. If you want to disable ads, just deselect the above boxes.

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