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What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a quick and simple way to advertise on Google and its ad partners, regardless of your budget. AdWords promotions are displayed along with search results on Google, as well as on search and content sites in the growing Google Network, which includes websites like AOL, EarthLink, HowStuffWorks & Blogger. With searches on Google and page views on the Google Network each day, your Google AdWords promotions reach a vast audience.
When you create an AdWords ad to run on Google and its search partners, you can choose keywords for which your ad will appear and specify the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for each click. You pay only when someone clicks your ad.
When you create an AdWords ad to run on the Display Network, you can choose the exact content placements in which you'd like your ad to appear or you can let contextual targeting match your keywords to content. You can pay for each click (CPC) or for each thousand times that someone sees your ad (which is called CPM bidding).
To save you even more money, our AdWords Discounter automatically reduces the actual cost per click (or CPC) that you pay to the lowest cost needed to maintain your ad's position. The AdWords Discounter keeps working, no matter which method of display or bidding that you choose.
There's no minimum monthly charge with AdWords - just a nominal activation fee. You can choose from a variety of ad formats, including text, image and video ads, and easily track your ad performance using the reports in your online account Control Centre.
To find out more about Google AdWords or to begin creating your ads, visit the AdWords homepage.

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