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Youtube upload issues

If you are experiencing stalling, crashing or failing uploads, please follow the steps below to improve your chances of success. If your upload completes and your video stalls or fails to convert while processing, ensure that you are uploading a supported file type.

  1. The most reliable way to upload video to YouTube is by using Google Chrome or Firefox 4 or higher as your browser. These browsers are consistently the most successful at uploading video. Additionally, the technology of Chrome and Firefox 4+ supports resumable uploading, so if your upload fails and you need to make another attempt, your progress will not be lost.
  2. You should use a Chrome incognito window or Firefox Private Browse. This will temporarily exclude the use of browser extensions, which may interfere with communication between your computer and YouTube. Ad-blocking extensions, for instance, are commonly responsible for these problems.
  3. You should temporarily disable anti-spyware, anti-virus or similar software. These programmes are also known to interfere with communication.

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