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What is YouTube Rentals

Getting started

To begin renting videos, you must first sign in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be led to a page where you can create one and link your Google account. You should also sign in to your Google Checkout account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here. To rent a video from our selection, go to the information page of your desired rental and click the blue button displaying the Rental period and price. Select the payment method that you wish to use at the lower left-hand corner of the pop-out and click "Complete your purchase" to complete the transaction.
The blue button on the video information page should now say "Watch Now", and your rental will be available for the duration of the rental period after you begin viewing the rental.

 Full-length feature films from many major Hollywood studios are now available for rent on YouTube. Discover a universe of related remixes, clips and behind-the-scenes footage with YouTube Film Extras. Watch your film rental from your computer, tablet or other Internet-connected devices.

Finding films to rent

Find films on youtube.com/movies by clicking a film featured on the films homepage, browsing by category or searching for specific titles. Clicking a film poster will take you to its film information page.
To help you decide whether or not to rent the film, you’ll find, at the upper centre of the page, the rental period and brief synopsis of the film, followed by Rotten Tomatoes reviews. In the left-hand column, under the film poster art, you’ll find information about the film, such as its genre, running time, MPAA rating, release year and cast and crew.
Scroll down to browse through You might also like... film recommendations, as well as the YouTube Film Extras for the particular film title.

Watching on your computer

In most cases, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to use your rental pass, valid for a specified amount of time, such as 48 hours. You can keep track of how much longer you have access to your film on your Purchases page. Once you start watching your film, the rental grant period countdown will be replaced by the expiry time of your rental pass.
If you experience any technical issues while watching your film, report them by clicking the appropriate report a problem link on the My Purchases page.
Make sure that you enjoy the YouTube Film Extras for your film after watching.

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